BSM Management operates six faith-based male only Sober Homes in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

BSM is a member of the Minnesota Association of Sober Homes and abides by the MASH code of ethics.

Code of Ethics
All member homeowners and staff have agreed to operate by a code of ethics that states:

  1. They will be dedicated to recognizing the dignity and worth of all those we serve. At all times managers or other staff shall treat each resident with respect and dignity.
  2. They will maintain an alcohol and drug-free environment.
  3. They will maintain quality housing that is consistent with the quality of the neighborhood. Demonstrate activities that benefit the immediate neighbors.
  4. Staff members who are alcoholic and/or chemically dependent must be clean and sober at least 1 year and remain abstinent and actively involved in a Twelve Step program of recovery. Staff members who are not alcoholics or chemically dependent remain alcohol-free during performance hours and be free from chemical use problems.
  5. No physical violence or threats of violence is ever tolerated in the home.
  6. Managers or other staff shall never become romantically or sexually involved with a resident or anyone the sober living home is assisting.
  7. Managers or other staff shall never become involved with a resident’s financial or business affairs. This covers borrowing or lending money, buying or selling property or other financial transactions.
  8. Managers or other staff — Respect the privacy and personal rights of all residents.
  9. Assure that no weapons are allowed on sober living premises.
  10. Adhere to the Management, Health, Safety and Staff standards set forth.